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Oct 27, 2020

WWD: JustFab CMO Daria Burke on How The Fashion Industry Can Play a Crucial Role In Driving Voter Turnout

Fashion players are making a final push to get out the vote

by Tara Donaldson | Oct 27th, 2020

Why is it important to you to vote? Our right to vote is the singular concept that gives Americans equal power to create a future we believe in. Every person deserves to be heard, and it is our collective responsibility to show up as citizens and contribute to a better future.

Why is voting in this election particularly important for the fashion industry? Fashion plays such an important role in our lives. Yes, it makes a statement about how we present ourselves to the world, but so much of where we are as a culture is manifest in what we choose to wear and often what inspires designers to dream up what may come next. The fashion industry is known for setting trends, so why not rally our collective voices and impact to lead the country to vote? Our industry is so deeply impacted by all of the social issues we’re all facing: racial injustice, operational changes to the USPS, immigration, and climate change (to name a few). We should absolutely be taking a stance to drive positive change not just for our industry, but for the global community at large.