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Jun 25, 2020

Together, We Change.

As an organization that strives to challenge the status quo, we recognize when change is needed. That time is now.

TechStyle pledges total commitment to the eradication of racism, racial inequality, and racial injustice. All TechStyle brands – Fabletics, Fabletics Men, JustFab, Shoedazzle, and FabKids – play an equal part in this mission.

We wanted to take a moment to update the TechStyle community on the steps we’ve already taken in this arena – and our plans going forward.

Company-wide, our focus is on taking impactful action. Action that will drive lasting, permanent change.

TechStyle has embraced two longterm goals.

One: We will use our public platform to combat racism through ongoing, far-reaching action.

TechStyle began this mission by extending financial help. This was a first, important step in our long-term monetary plan of action. We recognize this is a cause measured not in weeks, but in years. Financially – and on all fronts – TechStyle will remain a constant source of support.

To date, TechStyle has contributed $150,000 to Black Lives Matter-related causes including the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, the ACLU, Black Lives Matter and more. We have also encouraged – and matched – all employee donations.

At present, we are proud to report more than 250 employee donations amounting to a total of $50,000. In addition, our co-Founders and CEOs Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have personally committed $100,000 to these causes.

Across all TechStyle brands, we are exploring means of donating future proceeds of our sales to similar organizations. Please stay tuned for upcoming announcements regarding TechStyle’s ongoing financial support of the Black community.

Two: We will champion a vibrant workplace culture that thrives on diversity and mutual empowerment.

From the moment TechStyle was founded, inclusivity has been a vital priority.

Our prioritization of diversity led to the establishment of internal groups such as the Diversity & Inclusion Taskforce in 2018 and the Black Employees ERG in 2019. These groups were formed to appreciate, strengthen and celebrate the wide array of cultures represented throughout our entire company.

Moving forward, TechStyle is immediately pursuing five action items:

1. Hire a Diversity Leader: We are actively recruiting a Head of Diversity and Inclusion. This new role will amplify, champion, and celebrate all people of color throughout our corporate culture.

2. Increase Recruitment of Black Job Candidates: We will partner with historically Black colleges and universities to ensure Black candidates are on all interview slates.

3. Conduct Diversity, Inclusivity and Sensitivity Training: All managers and teams will be required to attend these important classes.

4. Weave multiculturalism into our corporate DNA: We are identifying additional trainings & literature to offer within our company programs.

5. Engage young adults within the Black community: This will include partnering with organizations to establish mentorship programs, internships, and more.

TechStyle is also seeking out new opportunities to celebrate Black culture. This year, we observed Juneteenth as a Company Holiday within all our U.S. offices, as a way of honoring the anniversary of the emancipation of the last remaining enslaved African- Americans in the United States. Going forward, Juneteenth will be an annual Company Holiday.

TechStyle realizes this mission places vital importance on gaining fresh perspectives. With this in mind, our Executive Team has begun conducting in-house listening sessions. The purpose of these sessions: to gather employee feedback on the steps TechStyle is taking to combat racism, and to listen to any and all new ideas on this front.

This is just the beginning. TechStyle will not revert to the status quo.

We will change. We will create change.

We will never waver in our drive towards equality, empathy, and justice.

TechStyle is all in. For as long as it takes.