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Apr 28, 2018

TechStyle Fashion Group Builds Two Libraries in Africa for Factory Workers Children

Our partnership with the African Library Project is pushing forward. Based on our book donations, we were able to build two primary and one secondary school libraries for the children of our factory workers in Lesotho Africa.

In total, from our offices around the USA and Europe, we collected 1,732 primary school books and 884 secondary school books.  In addition to that, TechStyleFashion Group made a donation to fund Librarian training for school libraries across the entire country (see photos of training below)

Our corporate social responsibility mission is “To reimagine the fashion business in a way that enhances the lives of our customers and all those involved in the creation of our products”. As we have RISE and other programs for our direct workers, we are always looking for ways to enhance the lives of other people who work for us down the supply chain. The reason we chose to build libraries for the children of our factory workers in Africa is as follows…

  • Most African children grow up without books, while U.S. bookshelves and landfills overflow with books no longer read.
  • Africa has the highest percentage of illiteracy in the world.
  • Books are the key to increasing literacy, and literacy is the #1 tool out of poverty.
  • Many African teachers teach reading, writing, math and English without even a single book to use as a resource.
  • Many adult Africans lose their ability to read due to a lack of reading materials.

 And most importantly,  TechStyle Fashion Group is dedicated to innovation through education. We demonstrate our commitment to human potential with employee development programs and through philanthropic initiatives and partnerships with organizations offering programs designed to educate and allow others to innovate.

Thank You again for helping TechStyleFashion Group make a difference. We will post pictures of the actual Libraries when there are ready.

Here re pictures of the Lesotho Librarian Training..