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Nov 17, 2020

PopSugar: ShoeDazzle Included on List of Best Winter Boots

These winter boot trends aren’t going away anytime soon

by Jamila Stewart| Nov 17th, 2020

After spending much of the year somewhere between slippers and . . . well, slippers, the biggest fall and winter shoe trends of 2020 breathe life back into your wardrobe with ease. For many of us, heels have found a home in the backs of our closets, presenting an apt opportunity for a laundry list of winter boot trends to emerge and thrive.

In the wake of a newfound love for all things comfy, combat boots are among the styles proving to be even more versatile than we thought, while the moment has also made a case for a few fashion pick-me-up options, such as boots in bright colors (yes, even in the winter). Read ahead to learn all about the rave-worthy boot trends of the year and why they’re just what you need right now.

Winter 2020 Boot Trend: Bold Color

In a time when minimalist fashion and loungewear elements intertwined with everyday wear hold reign, accessories and shoes are taking the front seat for many of us these days — and it’s nothing to be mad at. The colored boot trend offers an element of surprise to every outfit, and there are so many different styling routes to take. Match your boots to a full-on monochrome look, take a colorblocking approach, or simply spice up a pair of jeans with a pink heel.