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Membership Commerce

“At TechStyle Fashion Group we are pioneering membership fashion commerce using technology and personalization, along with a new level of relationship between customer and brand that is revolutionizing the value exchange.”

– Adam Goldenberg, Co-CEO

membership commerce

Why Membership?

A personalized fashion experience

Through membership, we’re able to eliminate inefficiencies that face most fashion companies: creating clothing that people don’t want and reacquiring customers. Our member’s willingness to share their style and size preferences means we can design with their tastes in mind, minimizing unwanted product and bolstering satisfaction.

Because they promise to stop by with the release of each new collection, whether or not they buy, TechStyle Fashion Group saves on advertising, can calculate style preferences, and precisely predict production. That approach reduces our overhead as much as 50 percent compared with traditional retail. We pass these savings onto our VIPs, giving them high-quality, on-trend goods that typically would retail for twice the price.

Reimagining The Fashion Business

  • Re-engineering what it means to be direct to consumer
  • Redefining the membership value exchange
  • Creating new business efficiencies
  • Creating new benefits via personalization, increased value and an omni-channel shopping
  • Setting new benchmarks for loyalty and long-term value

Monthly Collections

At TechStyle Fashion Group, each month is a reason to celebrate, as we release new collections, inspired by trends and preferences, and in partnership with celebrities, established brands and hot young designers.

“Membership is not an obligation; it is a commitment between company and customer that brings exceptional value to both parties”

– Adam Goldenberg, Co-CEO