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Expert Services

Unique and integrated services to build modern global fashion brands.

Fashion retail, manufacturing and brand building—with its tight margins and relentless bets on trends and timing—have long been difficult to navigate. Our expert services group builds and implements customized solutions that take advantage of digital technology, new markets and changing consumer trends.


expert services

Global Media and Acquisition

ROI Based Media Buying and Analytics

Our vertically integrated media production, buying and analytics teams are a critical part of our DNA. Bringing the art and science of return on investment for creative and media is another unique differentiator that defines us as a 21st Century fashion brand.

Our world class media teams have developed expert disciplines in television buying, social media, search, affiliate and content marketing. This expertise has allowed TechStyle Fashion Group to achieve 50-percent national awareness for brands such as Fabletics within three years of launch.

Everything we do is driven by return on Investment, which is fueled by ensuring our members’ happiness.

expert services

Enterprise Data Managment

Brands driven by personalization

The Data Science Team drives decisions that build consumer empathy and enable our membership program, personalized product recommendations and dynamic shopping experience. They help us navigate ever-changing fashion trends, media consumption habits and anticipate desire for our products.

Media Analytics

Our data scientists constantly evaluate which creative content and media placements resonate with consumers. By knowing what works and determining precisely where and when to communicate with potential members, we have smartly targeted hundreds of millions of dollars in media buys, quickly launching and scaling profitable brands worldwide.


Analytics have made an indelible impact on our retail fashion business over the past 6 years, helping us with predicting the best pricing and markdown strategies to forecasting the right mix of products, colors and sizes.

Design & Inventory Prediction

Each day we think about how we can use data to predict desire, personalize fashion and improve the customer experience for millions of members. We use sophisticated algorithms and predictive analytic tools which rely on social media, member feedback and historical data to make future demand projections for any given product.

expert services

Creative Studio

Global media production


Our Global Media Production team creates relevant, informative, entertaining content across all channels. They create desire and ensure every member knows what they are purchasing.

Last year, our in-house creative team made over 40 TV commercials with 200 different iterations to be distributed in 10 countries. This along with photography, video and other brand storytelling content is what depicts the lifestyle behind our brands and creates an emotional connection with members.

expert services

Global Member Services

Global customer relationship management

Our Global Member Services team is defining a new relationship between customers and the brands they care about. Through proprietary systems and practices, GMS delivers relevant, personalized service that has become the standard of excellence in membership commerce.

A progressive customer experience

GMS builds a progressive customer experience through observation and interaction with our members. GMS compiles customer profiles with unique identifiers to guide content, offers, interactions and recommendations across every brand, giving each member a unique customer journey.

The buying experience does not end with the transaction, it begins that experience while creating an ongoing relationship. From there, the GMS team grows patronage by building trust, offering convenience and measuring improvement.

expert services

Digital Merchandising

Dynamic digital experiences

Creating dynamic digital experiences for mobile and web commerce are unique capabilities that define TechStyle Fashion Group as a 21st Century fashion company. We leverage new digital technologies to drive growth opportunities and delight our customers with heightened convenience and personalization. Our digital merchandising teams work with data science teams to leverage a wealth of information, including membership profiles and digital activity, to elevate satisfaction.

Proprietary Systems

Our proprietary systems are designed to leverage real-time behavior, interests, preferences and customer data. We can communicate over any device, building brand loyalty by giving each customer a voice and creating unique customer experiences as part of a customized journey to increase engagement and drive sales.

expert services

Fashion Design

The art and science of fashion

Creating on trend, high value and exclusive designs is what drives our creative teams.

When creating our exclusive brands, everything starts with the consumer. We leverage our deeper understanding of who they are, what they wear and what is important in the companies they purchase from, so we can design and present the products and experiences they care about.

Informed Design

Design is influenced by a mix of stated user preferences, social media sentiment, real time sales activity and global trends to determine what we create and how we merchandise it through our websites and retail stores.

The future of fashion is about using data and personalization to give her what she wants— to give her what she wants: to look good

expert services

Sourcing and Supply Chain

An innovative strategic weapon

Our sourcing and supply chain teams understand that we live in an era of faster product cycles, global competition and heightened consumer expectations. The teams focus on the most effective and efficient path to higher profitability while maintaining quality. From inbound and outbound logistics to social compliance to quality assurance, they build innovation into the entire manufacturing and distribution process.

expert services


Deliver faster and more efficiently

Our global fulfillment team uses proprietary hardware, software and processes that get our customers what they want, when they want it.

Through the engineering of our fulfillment centers, TechStyle Fashion Group has built a nimble logistics infrastructure for the delivery of our products across multiple countries. We use the sophisticated tracking, shipping and return systems of our Evolve software suite to improve quality, engage our teams and delight customers.


TechStyle Fashion Group has built its fulfillment center operations with predictive analytics, advanced tracking and proprietary mobile-device technologies. Every order from TechStyle Fashion Group websites funnels into our proprietary mobile warehouse-management system, which runs on IOS devices carried by all warehouse workers.

The TechStyle Fashion Group team’s ability to consistently deliver best-in-class services in a digitally disrupted industry depends on a mindset of continued evolution. We are committed to continue building and improving sophisticated tools that maximize revenue while delivering exceptional customer experiences.