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Brand Labs

Fashion brand creation and growth acceleration

Brand Labs leverages our proprietary technology, expert services and membership insights to  incubate and transform global brands.

brand labs

The Next Great Brand

The internet frees forward-thinking companies from the constraints of geography and capital, allowing them to far more easily find, connect to and cultivate new customers around highly targeted brand experiences.

Brand Labs leverages our proprietary software, Expert Services teams and unique membership-commerce methodology as we explore the viability and opportunities with new online-based brands. From these explorations, we quickly and efficiently test, launch and scale brands across multiple demographics and countries with near-endless possibilities to create highly targeted new marketing/sales opportunities. 



brand labs

Test, Launch and Scale

New Efficiencies:

  • Reduced Risk – determine interest, then construct and launch brands at far lower cost and risk because of deep knowledge of our customer base’s preferences, interests and emerging trends.
  • Speed to market – launch highly targeted brands across the United States and Europe in less than 6 months.
  • Fast maturation – establish those emergent brands quickly and take significant market share within 24 to 36 months.


From our deep, data-driven understanding of more than 4 million fashion-minded TechStyle Fashion Group members, we can determine interest and opportunities for new lifestyle brands. From there, we create capsule collections and generate real-world feedback on style, fit and function that guide further development.


Once consumer interest is established, we leverage economies of scale to shape and launch new brands at a fraction of the cost and time that traditional fashion companies take. It gives us a powerful advantage over most competitors in the fast-evolving business of retail fashion.


With product and brand conceived, we launch digital-media campaigns that test categories, styles, brand creative and acquisition media across international markets. We quickly model the opportunity via key performance indicators such as cost per lead, average order value and cohort-based potential lifetime value. These KPIs inform whether we move ahead with a specific brand initiative.


We translate data and consumer behavior into actionable growth plans across geography, media and product development.