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Nov 10, 2017

Multi-Channel Merchant: TechStyle Fashion Group Leverages Data Across Brands

How TechStyle Fashion Group Leverages Data Across Brands

Credit: Multi Channel Merchant

Data isn’t something TechStyle Fashion Group, the parent company of JustFab, ShoeDazzle, FabKids and Fabletics takes lightly.  In fact, it’s a way of life across all of its brands.

“Data is something we take seriously across all brands and functions at TechStyle Fashion Group,” said Laura Joukovski, Senior Vice President of Media and Analytics for TechStyle Fashion Group.  “We seek to capture all of the signals that we can to continuously improve our ability to give our member what she wants.”

Joukovski said they have a login shopping experience for members, so new users can create an account right up front.  This helps TechStyle Fashion Group to track the user journey across devices to create a better understanding of the consumer.

Joukovski added, that TechStyle Fashion Group uses responses from quiz questions and shopping behavior on the site to determine how they feature styles in the VIP monthly selections, in personalized offers and promotions over time.

What helps TechStyle Fashion Group achieve this is by having data scientists and designers work side-by-side.  It helps speed up innovation considerably offering the two teams to have continuous feedback.

“Keeping a tight team in-house maintains a low-cost structure as compared to engaging a variety of third party agencies,” said Joukovski.  “It all goes back to data, and giving the people advertising they want to see – measuring what they want by capturing and analyzing response signals.”

Joukovski said the types of data they seek to capture and analyze is the same across the brands, but each brand offers a different merchandise mix and services and a distinct and specific audience.  So, style and shopping preferences definitely differ across the brands.

When it comes to TechStyle Fashion Group’s mobile channel, the company will track ad engagement and shopping behavior across devices.

“People are shifting more of their shopping to their mobile devices each year,” said Joukovski. “Roughly three out of four people encounter our brands first on their phones, so the mobile website is a critically important ‘storefront’ for all brands.”