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Mar 18, 2020

Forbes: How This Company Revolutionized The Online Subscription Service With Stars Like Jessie James Decker

This year, JustFab is celebrating their 10-year anniversary and by the looks of it, everything leading up to today is only the beginning

by Isis Briones | Mar 18th, 2020

In a world where digital retail experiences are becoming more crucial than ever, there’s one innovative company that’s been dominating the space since 2010 with their highly successful business inclusive model. JustFab and ShoeDazzle are the fashion industry’s leading innovators of the shoe subscription service. This year, JustFab is celebrating their 10-year anniversary and by the looks of it, everything leading up to today is only the beginning.

The sister sites have perfected putting the customer’s needs first with their extremely flexible, customizable and affordable monthly subscription plans. Not only can a user opt out of the service at any time, each monthly selection of footwear was curated based on a person’s particular style. On top of that, to provide more in-depth style inspiration for their millions of users, both teams turned to celebrity and influencer ambassadors for unique statement lines that shoppers won’t find anywhere else. Jessie James DeckerErika JanePorsha Williams and Aliya Janell are among several stars who have been part of the companies’ most memorable collections.

In honor of this year’s anniversary, country pop star and company collaborator Jessie James Decker along with JustFab’s Chief Marketing Officer Daria Burke chatted with Forbes about what’s next for the two brands. One thing’s for sure, customers will only have more exciting things coming their way. Moreover, Decker revealed how she incorporates her sense of style into her collection and that she’s definitely working on putting out new music for fans in 2020. Scroll through and read their tell-all interview below.

Isis Briones: Jessie, let’s start with you. How did you incorporate yourself into your JustFab collection?

Jessie James Decker: “My JustFab Collection represents all aspects of my life. The collection offers a range of practical shoes that I wear every day such as my on-the-go mama style as well as the perfect pair of boots for a night out with my hubby. Additionally, music is a direct mirror into my life. I write my songs and record from my heart, and I design from my heart as well. Like music, fashion has always been a way for me to express myself creatively. I dress each day to my mood and how I’m feeling. My wardrobe needs to take me from day to night and everything in between.”

IB: Daria, how do you choose incredible women like Jessie to represent JustFab and ShoeDazzle?

Daria Burke: “It’s all about relevance and resonance with our customers, and with the women who we think would love our footwear. We also think about women who have great stories and careers people are inspired by. Finally, of course, we have to think about commercial appeal by asking questions like ‘will the customers buy into this partnership and get excited?’ We’re putting our audience first.”

IB: What would you both say are some standout things about the company that people gloss over?

JJD: “This is a hard question because there’s not one thing for me. I really love all of the shoes from my collection. I designed each pair myself and they all represent very different parts of my personality and life. I think the best part about my collection is that there’s really something for everyone and it’s all at an affordable price point. That was important to me, designing shoes that are practical, stylish and attainable.”

DB: “All in all, it’s a big year for us and what I’m really excited about is how we’re going to showcase our origin. We pioneered a new way to think about subscription and membership. We introduced this model by bringing great fashion at a price that made sense for all customers. Whether it’s clothing to how you make your meals, think about all the subscription craze that came after our introduction. I can’t wait to continue dreaming up more ways we can add value to our members.”

IB: With that being said, what can followers expect from you Jessie along with JustFab and ShoeDazzle in the future?

JJD: “I have my first cook book coming out this fall, which I’m so excited about. Also, more Kittenish pieces and a possible new store. I just signed a new record deal, too, and I’m very excited to put out new music and go on tour.”

DB: “My aspiration is that we continue to be the leading destination for accessible fashion footwear. JustFab is currently in nine countries worldwide, but I want to see us grow and expand. There are so many opportunities to reach even more women out there. Right now we have a couple million VIP members and we hope to keep growing that by refining how we predict demand, being more innovative and continuing to interrupt the market. I think it’s going to be a mix of relying on our heritage and also being data driven in service of the person by making sure we keep filling the gap of what she says and what she actually does.”